Presbyoppia - Sharp vision in every distance


Ageing of society is an issue of increasing importance for Europe. According to Eurostat data for the year 2010 over 36,5% of the population of the European Union had more than 50 years and this percentage is growing every year. According to expectations, one third of the mature population of Europe in 2050 will have more than 65 years.


One of the most common diseases associated with ageing is the decline in the quality of vision. Due to the mechanisms that occur in the human eye, its ability to change its optical power decreases at a rate of 0.2D per year. This effect makes difficulties to concentrate vision at near objects. For those in their 50s, a minimal possible reading distance increases up to half a meter. This disadvantage, known as presbyopia makes serious difficulties in common life and can expose workers to considerable dangers if not properly counteracted.


LightSWORDS aims at developing and adapting existing technologies for high-quality low cost manufacturing of a new type of asymmetric plastic lens to be applied in the correction of human eyesight.

Lens that mIGHT be a Satisfactory Way Of Reducing age Degradation of Sight

The proposed LightSWORDS Optical Element (LSOE) has the unique ability to extend the depth of focus of imaging, therefore it can substitute the lost ability of accommodation of the human eye in the case of presbyopia and other diseases. This functionality works without lowering of aperture of the eye, which makes it suitable for low lighting conditions. Additionally, in contrast to bi- tri- and multi-focal lenses it provides sharp vision in every distance between 20 cm and the infinity.